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Beneath the vast canopy of the sky,
Two spirits once moved in sync, close by.
Their bold marks on life’s canvas were traced,
A collaboration in creativity is embraced and graced.

Souls elevate themselves vibrationally by creating and learning while helping others do the same because of their art.

Murmurs in the breeze, a harmony of delight,
Visions exchanged in the tranquility of the night.
Ascending together, on wings they flew,
A tie, profoundly esteemed, in essence true.

Then the gale hit, untamed and raw,
Leaving silence in its wake, a deep flaw.
After, a profound stillness, where empathy had streamed,
A chasm where once mutual comprehension gleamed.

Plea, a voice to the heavens extends,
Bring back the illumination, mend the bends.
Not for the harsh utterances in shadows thrown,
But for the collective dream that together had grown.

To the constellations, to the night’s tender hold,
For a collaboration lost, to once more unfold.
In the universe’s soft murmurs, expansive and deep,
A longing for that alliance, we yearn to leap.

Listen, grand cosmos, to this earnest beseech,
Lead us back to togetherness, we implore each other.
In the night’s tapestry, intricately spun,
Lies the hope that our journeys might again be one.


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