Cliff A Robinson

Short stories, screenplays & other things.
Cliff A Robinson

Cliff A Robinson

The Diner.

Operating since 1947, the Colonial Diner, in the little southern New England beach town called Napatree is open from sunrise to 1 am every day except Fridays and Saturdays, when it is open 24 hours. The servers consist of the […]


The call was made only forty minutes before LAPD officer Luis Navarro’s shift ended. For weeks, he has been looking forward to tonight’s drive-in outing, and the thought of missing it after months of headaches and grief from Covid19 was […]

The Hurricane.

Wednesday. September 21, 1938. Gordon and Dot worried that the new baby would have a harelip like their toddler, Lee, was born with and would need expensive surgery to repair it. It must run in the family, they had decided. […]

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