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You can’t get what you want (til you know what you want)
You can’t get what you want (til you know what you want)

You can’t get what you want (til you know what you want)

I fell in love with good music, including jazz, after my first adult crush on a slightly older woman while I was still in high school.

She taught me how to persevere, excelling in often toxic male environments (at the time) of broadcast radio, and what I admired her most for: being true to herself and who she loved.

I would sit in the back of the radio studio for hours and watch her. I wouldn’t talk much. She would forget I was there and go about her shift.

Answering phone requests, getting carts out of the rack, cueing up records.

In addition to all the reasons I already mentioned, I fell head over heels for her, (in my teenage brain), because of what was behind her tough exterior.

When she forgot I was there, I would have the good fortune to see her true self shine. As she talked to herself quietly, she would brightly smile and laugh, carefree and content.

I could see why she had to protect herself from the world. Her creative, loving, happy self was vulnerable.

She helped me better understand myself and those I would eventually call “Alts.”

Alternative creative types; neurodivergent, like myself, who appear odd, freakish, or perhaps even “disabled” by society but who have a unique creative ability.

Whenever I get the opportunity to see an alt person’s “superpower,” I’m reminded of my first adult crush.

Little makes me happier in life than seeing the “real” person beyond the neurodivergent; the part most people never get to see either out of bigotry or not taking the time to establish a connection. ❤️

Kindred Spirits of the Horn by Bryan Thompson. Shared via CC by 2.0.

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